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Inclusionary Housing Program Information for Project Sponsors, Building Owners, Sales and Rental Agents

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Section 415 of the San Francisco Planning Code, or the Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program, requires residential developments with 10 or more units to pay an Affordable Housing Fee.  Project sponsors may apply for an alternative to the fee in the form of providing 12% of their units on-site or 20% of their units off-site as affordable to low- to moderate-income households.  (These percentages are higher in certain parts of the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan Area.)  Project Sponsors in the certain parts of the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan Area may also apply for the alternative of dedicating land for affordable housing.

Governing Documents

The Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program is governed by Planning Code Section 415 and by the City and County of San Francisco Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program Monitoring and Procedures Manual ("Procedures Manual").  Project Sponsors and their agents must read and understand the current 2013 Procedures Manual to remain in compliance with the Program. Units that sell or rent under the Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program are subject to the current manual in place at the time of sale or rental, even in the case of resale or re-rental units.

For an informal overview of Program options and the evolution of the Program, click here. To review consumer information on the Below Market Rate ownership and rental programs, click here.


At the onset of a project, a development undergoes a hearing before the Planning Commission or planning approval process to determine the project's affordable housing requirement under the Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program. Planners work with project sponsors to determine their intent under the Program and then to record a Notice of Special Restrictions (NSR) stating the sponsor's intent.

Once a project is approved by the Planning Department, project sponsors should contact the Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) to pay the Affordable Housing Fee or to comply with the specific marketing requirements set forth in the City and County of San Francisco Residential Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program Monitoring and Procedures Manual ("Procedures Manual") and below. 


Developer Obligations under the Inclusionary Housing Program

  • Affordable Housing Fee Requirements 
  • On-site or Off-site Below Market Rate (BMR) Housing Program Requirements
  • Off-site Project Requirements (page is currently under construction)
  • Land Dedication Requirements (page is currently under construction)
  • Special Requirements for Eastern Neighborhoods Plan Area (page is currently under construction)


Documents Governing & Explaining the Inclusionary Housing Program

Developers seeking to learn more about the general requirements governing their obligation may review the following link.


Contact Information

Inclusionary Housing Program
San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing
and Community Development
1 South Van Ness Avenue, 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
phone: (415) 701-5500
fax: (415) 701-5501



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